EXPOSED: The Top 3 Ways Mechanics Can Rip You Off!


by Eric Wall


September 9th, 2021

Breakthrough device tells you what shady mechanics won’t – the TRUTH! Over 50,000 sold every MONTH!

Do you have any idea how easy it is for shady mechanics to rip you off?

It's too easy and they know it. They exploit it, they exploit YOU! But don’t feel bad…

They exploit anyone they can, specifically people who don't know exactly what’s going on with their car– and that’s basically EVERYONE!

So how do you protect your hard earned money… and your pride when taking your car into an autoshop? My father always told me – ‘KNOWLEDGE is power!” 

Your first line of defense? Know EXACTLY what your car needs BEFORE you take it to any mechanic. It's easier than you might think, especially with new advancements in technology, BUT more on that in a minute.

Your second line of defense? Understand what shady mechanics are looking for when they are trying to rip you off. I call them opportunistic scammers and unfortunately, there are many of them.

FORTUNATELY for you we've spent hundreds of hours researching the 3 main opportunities shady mechanics look for when they want to rip you off…

Scammy Opportunity #1: The Notorious ‘Check Engine Light’

When that all too ambiguous ‘Check Engine Light’ comes on, it means instant stress for you and ‘💰Cha-Ching💰’ for the mechanic.


The ‘Check Engine Light’ is often referred to as ‘Please Overcharge Me Light.’

Mechanics know you have NO IDEA why the light came on. Unless you spend $300+ on one special diagnostic tool and have access to the correct DTC Code Book, the chances of you knowing exactly what's wrong decreases. This lack of knowledge makes it EASY for them to jack up your bill with unnecessary repairs and labor.

Scammy Opportunity #2: ‘Tune Ups & Maintenance’

Tune ups and maintenance vary and are dependent on your car’s make, model, and mileage. So, not every ‘tune up’ is the same, especially in the hands of a mechanic looking to put the squeeze on your wallet.

By checking your car’s manual or Google searching it’s maintenance requirements. Go into the shop with the knowledge of knowing what needs to be done. Otherwise, a quick 1 hour tune up turns into an overnight stay and a massive bill for parts & labor that you didn’t actually need.

Scammy Opportunity #3: The Flush

Auto shops & mechanics actually lose money on $20-$30 oil changes. It's what they call a loss leader.

Isn't it strange that when you go in for an oil change you don’t even have a chance to tell the mechanic the problem before he's already rattling off a list of “flushes and fluid changes” that are deemed critically important? He may spit out coolant flush, transmission flush, brake fluid flush, or power steering flush. The list goes on.

Industry circles know this sneaky tactic as “The Flush” and now you know why. Sadly, the same can be said for the yearly emissions test. It’s just another tactic to add on unnecessary costs and maximize their profits.

So How Do I Avoid Getting Ripped Off!

When was the last time you looked under your hood? Today's engines are ridiculously complicated, with so many delicate sensors, specialized tools and specific requirements. Not everyone has time for that!

No problem, thanks to a powerful little device called ECOFIX. Now, that mind boggling complicated car is relatively easy for you to understand.


Simply plug Ecofix into your car’s OBD2 port (all cars built after ‘96 have them), leave it in and you’re pretty much guaranteed to save $1,000’s from unwanted and unnecessary repairs!

Simply put, EcoFix tells you the exact issue with your car and what needs to be done. Here are some of the common issues people run into like: 

✔️ Why is my ‘Check Engine Light’ on?

✔️ How severe is my auto problem.

✔️ Consequences of ignoring a problem.

✔️ Regular scheduled maintenance & what needs to be done.

✔️ When it’s time for your next oil change or emissions test.

✔️ Live instrument cluster gauges with recording options. 

✔️ And more…

Having EcoFix on my car is like having your very own personal mechanic with you on every ride. Best part is, this mechanic won’t lie and shady mechanics don’t stand a chance!

Eliminate The STRESS From The ‘Check Engine Light’

EcoFix keeps you informed by continuously monitoring your vehicle's overall health. As soon as you turn your car on, EcoFix starts inspecting your car and immediately reports any detected issues. In fact…

EcoFix alerts you to over 7,000 potential issues – in real time!

It only gets better! Here are just 3 of the many useful features you’ll find incredibly helpful…

1. Easy-to-Understand ‘Check Engine Light’ Translations

Dare I say it? This is possibly the greatest invention since the inception of the internet. 

EcoFix detects the exact problem(s) which trigger that darn check engine light. It easily translates ambiguous diagnostic trouble codes into easy to understand English terms.


PRO TIP: You can actually turn off the ‘Check Engine Light’ yourself. It’s quick and easy and prevents you from facing those shady mechanics to begin with!

2. Know How Bad Your Problem Really Is

That generic ‘Check Engine Light’ only tells you one thing, you have a problem. It can't tell you how critical that problem is. It only knows light ‘On’ and ‘Off’ – not very helpful. 

EcoFix actually tells you how severe the problem is and it even tells you what the consequences are if you ignore the problem. S you can make a more informed decision to wait or take care of it ASAP.


3. Emissions Test & Maintenance Log

Simply plug in EcoFix and connect to the app. The dongle and application will translate ALL information from your car's onboard computer, providing you with detailed actionable data. So you’ll be confident making more informed decisions, especially when they present you with a list of additional fixes. 

When it's time for the yearly emissions test, EcoFix can really help save you money. The “Emissions Test” mode will test your car BEFORE you get to the shop. So you will know if you truly need a new catalytic converter or new Oxygen Sensors.


Honestly, EcoFix has so many other great features, but it’s just simply too much to list.

But How Much Does EcoFix Cost?

First let's take into consideration that EcoFix can save you $1000’s in unnecessary repairs and maintenance. 

Next, know that similar but less effective tools cost $200, $300 easy! But as of right now, there is a special promotion going on so you can get EcoFix for ONLY $49! 

That's a one time payment – NO ongoing fees! NO Subscriptions required! 

Ecofix is the real deal! If You Can Get Your Hands On One Of These — Do It Now 

Tell Me Where Can I Get Mine?

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Your Shield Against Getting Scammed By Shady Mechanics Is Here!

Now, when your check engine light turns on and you hear that weird little ‘ticking’ or ‘sputtering,’ you can diagnose this issue immediately. Instead of going in blind and ignorant, you’ll go in fully prepared to negotiate your repairs. 

Imagine the peace-of-mind, the confidence, and the sense of empowerment when you’re ready to face that mechanic. You can tell him what he needs to repair or replace rather than having him tell you! You’ll no longer be at the mercy of shady mechanics.

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